August 15, 2018

APEX Welcomes New Personnel to OQ Team

We are excited to welcome two new evaluators to the APEX team! Sam Bohler and Jerald Bookless are both seasoned OQ evaluators, with authorizations from multiple providers, including NCCER, Veriforce, OQSG, ITS, and MEA.

Each has conducted thousands of evaluations, all across the country, for companies both big and small, and according to APEX co-founder Chance Alexander, that experience will be key to serving APEX training clients.

Our team must provide OQ evaluations that are safe, fair, and efficient, all while maintaining the integrity of the process as defined by Veriforce, NCCER, and our other partners. Sam and Jerry have the skills and experience necessary to achieve that balance, and we're extremely excited to have them onboard!

APEX provides clients of all sizes with responsive, reliable service, from coast to coast. If you're looking for fast, reliable OQ evaluation for your next project, contact APEX today.

Author : Christopher Alexander

For over a decade, Chris has been designing software solutions, IT infrastructure, and training platforms for major midstream clients. In 2018, he and Chance Alexander co-founded APEX in order to create the next generation of solutions for midstream inspection, training, and design.